Why I Love Riding My Bike

I have never been into sports and wouldn’t really call myself an active person. However, I decided to make some changes to my habits a few years ago because I was gaining weight and felt tired all the time. I talked to my doctor and he recommended that I find an activity I enjoy. He said I had to be more active to avoid developing more serious health issues.

The problem was that I did not really enjoy any sports. I finally decided to purchase a bike and to ride it as often as possible. I found that I really enjoyed riding my bike and this simple activity has made a difference for my health.

adc062I love riding my bike because I feel this is a healthier activity than sitting at home on the computer or in front of the TV. I used to spend most of my free time catching up on TV shows and talking to friends on Facebook. I still have time to be online and do all the things I love but I really feel that my days are more productive when I make some time to ride my bike.

I have made some new friends thanks to this new activity. I start going on short bike rides throughout my neighborhood and eventually, people started recognizing me. I know almost everyone in my neighborhood now and have recently started riding my bike at a local park where I have met people with similar interests. I never thought riding my bike would be a way to meet new people but I was wrong!

Riding my bike is a great way to get some fresh air. I feel that I wasn’t spending enough time outdoors before I started going on bike rides regularly. I work in an office and would spend almost all my free time indoors at home. I didn’t realize how much getting some fresh air, some sunshine and just spending time outside was important until I started riding my bike and saw how much of a positive difference it made in my life.


Being more active has helped me feel better about my body. I started riding my bike because I was gaining weight and nothing I did seemed to help. I have lost a few pounds since I started riding my bike and I think I have started developing stronger muscles. My silhouette looks a lot better and I feel more comfortable in my body than ever before. I can now wear clothes that I love but that I haven’t been able to wear in years!

My energy levels and my mood have improved since I became more active. I used to have a hard time with going to sleep at night and always felt tired in the morning. I think that going on a bike ride everyday has helped with my internal clock. I sleep better at night, feel better when I wake up and have more energy throughout the day. I have also found that I am in a better mood after getting some exercise.

Riding my bike has done wonders for my stress levels. My job can be stressful at times and I used to feel overwhelmed by it. I have found that going on a bike ride early in the morning allows me to keep my stress under control during my day at work and that riding my bike when I get home is the perfect way to relax.

These are only a few reasons why I love riding my bike. I am glad I decided to start being more active and my next project is to get my children to go on bike rides with me!

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