Urban Commuter Cycling Safety

Cycling Is One of The Best Ways To Get Around


Riding a bicycle is one of the best ways to get around town. We know that it is very efficient, that it costs very little money and it can help you get in shape. It is no wonder that more and more people are deciding to ride a bicycle to commute on a daily basis. You see more and more people in urban environments choosing to ride a bicycle than to use cars or even take public transportation. You might be one of these people who have decided to cycle instead of taking a car or public transportation. You might be aware of all the things that come with making this decision but we’ll talk about it anyway.
It Can Be Dangerous


The first thing that you have to realize is that cycling can be very dangerous. It is true, many motorists do not pay attention to people on bicycles. Bicycles can easily fit into the background and that makes them easy to hit. When you ride your bicycle as your main form of transportation you should be aware of all drivers at all times. You should also make sure that you are very visible to them. You should give cars the right of way as often as you can because this can prevent injury. Every year hundreds of bicyclists are killed each year on the roads. Please do not be one of them.
Ways To Make It Safer


There are many ways to make riding a bicycle safer in an urban environment. The first way that you can make cycling a lot safer is by making yourself as visible as possible. That could include wearing reflective clothing, having reflectors on your bicycle, having reflective lights on the frame of your bicycle, having brake lights and headlights on your bicycle. You also have to learn how to make proper decisions that can keep you out of harm’s way. That means not riding aggressively, being patient, knowing that cars can not accurately guess the speed that a bicycle is going.
Way To Make It Comfortable


You will stay committed to riding your bicycle every day as your primary way of commuting if it is as comfortable as possible. This starts with having the proper seat for riding in an urban environment. You need to see that it’s very comfortable, that is has a gel cushion, that the seat has suspension, that it has springs. You can also purchase a spring-loaded seats stem that will take the load off of your seat. You can also invest in front shocks that can take some of the impact for riding around town. You also need Creature Comforts such as fans, body heaters and things that can make riding in the elements a lot more comfortable. You should also have a safety bag that has a poncho and other weather equipment that can protect you.
Putting It All Together

Make sure that you have all the right equipment, that you take the right precautions and that you figure out what you need to be comfortable when riding in an urban environment.

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